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“Home and Co-existence”——Selection Result of The Second Dafen International Oil Painting Biennale, S

“Home and Co-existence”——Selection Result of The Second Dafen International Oil Painting Biennale, Shenzhen 2020


      The Second Dafen International Oil Painting Biennale, Shenzhen 2020, co-sponsored by the China Artists Association, CPC Publicity Department of Shenzhen Municipal Party, , the Shenzhen Federation of Literary and Art Circles, Longgang District Committee of Shenzhen of the CPC and People's Government of Longgang District. It was professionally reviewed by the jury and approved by the related superior department, 275 works from 61 countries on five continents were selected, including 198 Chinese works and 77 international works. Please see the final list of artists and their works:


“Home and Co-existence”——Selection Result of The Second Dafen International Oil Painting Biennale, Shenzhen 2020
编号 国家/地区 作者 题目 最终级别
1 Algeria(‫阿尔及利亚‬‎) Hamza Bounoua Reformat 04 Selected Work
2 Argentina(‫阿根廷‬‎) Sofia Roncayoli Lombardi The Lost Childhood  Selected Work
3 Egypt(‫埃及‬‎) Sarah Ayman Gamal Altantawy 2-Silent Weeping Selected Work
4 Ireland(爱尔兰) Joan Marie Kelly Complex Joy Selected Work
5 Austria(奥地利) Denise Herz Landscape Selected Work
6 Australia(‫澳大利亚‬‎) Nasser Palangi The Natures is Our Real Home No.2 Selected Work
7 Pakistan(‫巴基斯坦‬‎) Sanya Arif Give Something Which Keeps on Giving Selected Work
8 Panama(巴拿马) Linda Jean Maquívar Espinosa The Lady of the Rose Selected Work
9 Brazil(‫巴西‬‎) Sandra Lima e Silva JARACATIÁ Selected Work
10 Belarus(白俄罗斯) Vasil Sumarau My House Selected Work
11 Bulgaria(保加里亚) Ivana Petrova Contemporaneity – Here and There 2 Selected Work
12 Poland(波兰) Urszula Wilk Blue Line Selected Work
13 Denmark(丹麦) Shefali Ranthe Times of Need Selected Work
14 Germany(德国) Kathrin Rank Pantheon Selected Work
15 Germany(德国) Stephan Hörnig "Honeymoon 2020" Selected Work
16 Dominican Republic(多米尼加共和国) Eunice Mateo Catharsis Selected Work
17 France(法国) Remy Aron Fenetre sur la ville  Selected Work
18 France(法国) Natalie Miel Lanternes Selected Work
19 Philippines(菲律宾) Teody Boylie R. Perez Resilience Selected Work
20 Congo(刚果) Mbelo Mantinga Herve Remembering Your Existence Selected Work
21 Colombia(哥伦比亚) Juan Rodrigo Piedrahita Escobar Little Kitchen / Town Selected Work
22 Costa Rica(哥斯达黎加) Crisanto Badilla Young Man with his Friends and Dreams Selected Work
23 Cuba(古巴) Darwin Estacio Martinez Phone Call Selected Work
24 Belarus(白俄罗斯) Darya Sumarava-kopach Internal Dialogue Selected Work
25 Kazakhsta(哈萨克斯坦) Tichshenko Yaroslava "White Gold"  Selected Work
26 South Korea(韩国) Jung Jee Lee 「○」-725 (TAKLAMAKANDESSERTOASIS) Selected Work
27 Netherlands(荷兰) Koert van den Beukel Mooring and Grounding Point Selected Work
28 Netherlands(荷兰) Naima Karim Hope 1 Selected Work
29 Canada(加拿大) Choi Yat Choy Afternoon Tea Selected Work
30 Canada(加拿大) Wang Qijun Beijing Alley Selected Work
31 Croatia(克罗地亚) Vinka Gasparus Co-existence Selected Work
32 Lebanon(黎巴嫩) Rima Assi Time Travel Selected Work
33 Luxembourg(卢森堡) Sun Tingjun Waves Selected Work
34 Romania(罗马尼亚) Andrei Alecsandru Pantea My House Is In Order, My Home Is Not-M.H.I.I.O.M.H.I.N. 2 Selected Work
35 Romania(罗马尼亚) Roman Sergiu-Bogdan Vocatus 1 Selected Work
36 Maldives(马尔代夫) Zuleyha Ali Dark Night Selected Work
37 Mauritius(毛里求斯) Asvind Dookhorun Consensus Selected Work
38 United States(美国) Richard Feinman Instrumental II Selected Work
39 Mongolia(蒙古) Batzorig Chimeddorj The Blue Lake of Büst Selected Work
40 Bangladesh(孟加拉国) Kazi Salahuddin Ahmed Reconstructing a Site - 7 Selected Work
41 Peru(秘鲁) Julio Gomez Omens in the Room Selected Work
42 Mexico(墨西哥) Rafael Ontiveros Mother & Father Selected Work
43 Mexico(墨西哥) Martha Ortiz Sotres Harmonious Habitat Selected Work
44 Namibia(纳米比亚) Davido My Namibia Selected Work
45 Norway(挪威) Hui Juan Melgaardsbakken Butterfly Love Flower Selected Work
46 Portugal(葡萄牙) Nuno Canelas Blood Brothers (Triptych) Selected Work
47 Sweden(瑞典) Tony Roos Fiskare Selected Work
48 Switzerland(‫瑞士‬‎) Maria Dundakova Landscape of Emotions - “It hurts me !! You hear that quiet red heartbeat!!” Selected Work
49 Serbia(塞尔维亚) Branislava Nikolic The Sacred Mother Earth Selected Work
50 Serbia(塞尔维亚) Branko Ticić Mohorović Harmony Selected Work
51 Cyprus(塞浦路斯) Gavriel George Mikrocosmos1 Selected Work
52 Cyprus(塞浦路斯) Anna Vasileiou Natural Women Selected Work
53 Slovakia(斯洛伐克) Katarina Balunova Dougong Flying City III Selected Work
54 Tunisia(‫突尼斯‬‎) Leila Shili Harmony Selected Work
55 Ukraine(乌克兰) Rubanov Alex Simbiosis Selected Work
56 Uruguay(乌拉圭) Mauricio Paz Viola Sunrise Selected Work
57 Greece(希腊) Spyros Verykios Reflecting Skin Selected Work
58 Singapore(新加坡) Yu Dan Ya City Besieged 03 Selected Work
59 New Zealand(新西兰) Roger Thompson Infinity Ladder Selected Work
60 Hungary(匈牙利) Simon Zsolt In Memmoriam De Chirico Selected Work
61 Syria(叙利亚) Besher Koushaji Untitled Selected Work
62 Armenia(亚美尼亚) Luiza Naslyan Cleaning the Earth Selected Work
63 Iran(‫伊朗‬‎) Fatemeh Mofarahi Liberation Selected Work
64 Iran(‫伊朗‬‎) Ladan Nouhani Reflection 2 Selected Work
65 Iran(‫伊朗‬‎) Marzieh Sadat Goiestaneh Family Nostalgia Selected Work
66 Iran(‫伊朗‬‎) Niloofar Mohamadi There was Someone Who isn't Anymore Selected Work
67 Israel(以色列) Debbie Kampel The Nature of Jerusalem II Selected Work
68 Israel(以色列) Yosef Wechsler My Neighborhood in Time of Corona Selected Work
69 Israel(以色列) Adva Karni Off the Grid Selected Work
70 Italy(意大利) Tonino Maurizi The Contemporary Man Selected Work
71 Italy(意大利) Isabella Tirelli During the Pandemia I Looked Fashion Show with Dad Selected Work
72 India(印度) Shampa Bhattacharjee Symbiosis Selected Work
73 India(印度) Shatrudhan K. Gupta Untitled (Cityscape/Landscape)  Selected Work
74 Indonesia(印度尼西亚) Afriani Randai Selected Work
75 United Kingdom(英国) Rebecca Vincenzi Lunchtime at the Café Kléber Selected Work
76 Vietnam(越南) Lê Thanh Bình Rules Selected Work
77 Vietnam(越南) Nguyen Minh Tan City of Memories Selected Work