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"Connectivity and Development"——Selection Result of the Third Dafen International Oil Painting Bienn


The Third Dafen International Oil Painting Biennale 2022, co-sponsored by the China Artists Association, Publicity Department of Shenzhen Municipal Committee of the CPC, the Shenzhen Federation of Literary and Art Circles, Longgang District Committee of Shenzhen of the CPC and the People's Government of Longgang District was professionally reviewed by the jury and approved by the Ministry of Culture and Tourism. 199 works from 43 countries on five continents were selected, including 139 Chinese works and 60 international works. Please see the final list of artists and their works:

Selection Result of Chinese Works

No. Country Author name Title of work
1 China Chang Hongbin Genial Sunshine
2 China Chen Minsi Misty Fishing Harbor
3 China Chen Shaoqun Folk Culture in Southern China
4 China Chen Yanlong Space: Prospect
5 China Dong Baochen Morning in Dorbod
6 China Dong Junliang News of Harvest Arrives at Village
7 China Dong Yifan Sunny
8 China Feng Wei Home
9 China Gong Zunmin Warm Breeze in Late Autumn No. 1
10 China Guan Zhihao Urban Landscape
11 China Hou Baoya Happy Space
12 China Ku'erbanjiang Wulamu Memories in the Old Town No. 1
13 China Lai Lixiang Imagery of South of the Yangtze River
14 China Li Lihuai Reminisce the Maritime Silk Road
15 China Li Mingjiao Come Rain or Shine No. 1
16 China Li Yixuan Food Delivered to Millions of Doorsteps
17 China Lin Zengling Dawn
18 China Liu Wenwei Spirit of Plateau: Herdsmen Returned from Yeniu Valley
19 China Liu Xun Auspicious Barag Qi
20 China Liu Yingwu Auspicious
21 China Lu Shan Flowers and Birds: Song Dynasty
22 China Luo Zhangcai Embrace
23 China Ma Xin Ode to Gannan: Chime of Dawn Bell No. 2
24 China Ou Wenjian Holiday
25 China Peng Chunxi Love of Paper Cutting
26 China Peng Mingshun The Shared Song
27 China Qi Mengguang Shangrila in Mongolia
28 China Qian Xuchen Torrent in Valley
29 China Qu Yansong Chronicle of Mine
30 China Ren Hui Tale of the Year of Xinchou
31 China Rong Guohui Figure Sketching of Photographer
32 China Shang Bo Urban Tiktok
33 China Shao Yuqing Reminisce South of Yangtze River
34 China Shi Fei Parents’ Outdoor Life
35 China Sun Guangxu Calm Lake on Stiff Valley
36 China Tang Jiaqing The Silk Road: Hu Music No.1
37 China Wan Hongwei Grandma’s Happy Time
38 China Wang Bo Eastern Classism
39 China Wang Jingsheng Beauty of Fishing Nets No. 1
40 China Wang Zhuo Zero Degree
41 China Xu Mengyao Traveling in The Garden: The Dream Interrupted
42 China Yan Weiqi New Born
43 China Yang Daming Curiosity and Exploration
44 China Yang Lilang Folk Culture in Snowy Plateau
45 China Yang Wen Night Life of Yuehai Subdistrict
46 China Yuan Jian Afternoon in Montparnasse
47 China Zhao Xiaoyan Millennial Story Told by Sunflowers
48 China Zhu Jinbai Rural Music Enthusiast
49 China Zou Jike Spring
50 China Chai Minjun Accompany
51 China Chen Hui A Maiden’s Dream
52 China Chen Liyong Imagery of South of the Yangtze River No. 46
53 China Chen Ming Love of Blue
54 China Chen Xiaolin Brilliant Sunshine
55 China Chen Yuegang Dream Building in the City of Shenzhen
56 China Deng Jiajie Mountain Soul and Sea Love (II)
57 China Feng Yuqing Words of Youth
58 China Fu Lei Who am I? Where did I come from? Where am I going?
59 China Gao Junwei A Tour in the Flourishing Age: Summer Leisure
60 China Gao Weixin Shaanbei: Workmate
61 China Gong An Besties
62 China Han Bingning A Thousand Miles Away
63 China Han Qingyu Poverty Alleviation: Laughing in the Harvest Field
64 China He Xianchao Edge Series 15
65 China Hong Wenjing A Serene Afternoon
66 China Hou Chenlin Born Towards the Sun
67 China Huang Shuaijun Heroes of Our Fathers
68 China Huang Sixin Joyful Singing in Dong Villages
69 China Huang Wuchang Flying Songs on Earth
70 China Jin Bixia A Letter Written in the Wind
71 China Kang Wenhui; Wang Zhaozhao Watchtower Gates as well as Smoke and Dust (2)
72 China Lai Peiwen Pride of Fishermen (III)
73 China Li Haoyang Thermometer
74 China Li He & Liu Chang A Corner of the Ancient Town
75 China Li Xinzan Ship Repair Yard:  Reengineering One NO. 19
76 China Li ziqin China Night Market Series 1
77 China Li Ziqing Bloom of Youth Series (II)
78 China Li Zhuangzhi Skimming over the Surface
79 China Liu Jun Symbiosis
80 China Liu Minghua The Suburbs Are Full of Greenery in Warm Spring
81 China Liu Tao Ports Connected Across the Four Seas
82 China Liu Wen; Liu Yibo Dream Building
83 China Liu Yun Satisfaction
84 China Lv Bing Happy Homeland
85 China Lv Yanjun Great Changes of Mountain Areas
86 China Luo Renjun Plain and Light is True
87 China Qi Qiushi Embracing the Start of Sea Fishing
88 China Qian Shimin Garden Tour (III)
89 China Ran Guohong Fishermen's Morning Song 021
90 China Shen Miao Sign of Times No. 3
91 China Shi Shengyou Mountain Shadow and Clouds
92 China Song Junle Street Scene
93 China Sun Fengming Spring Snow in Jiangnan
94 China Sun Junyong Garden Tour (V)
95 China Sun Qiang Jiangnan Qingdai (IX)
96 China Sun Yulan Landscape Gardening
97 China Tan Ming Spring Breeze in February
98 China Tang Xuefeng 10:30 at Shenzhen International Airport
99 China Tao Xiaoling Horse Racing Festival Series (VI) 
100 China Tong Yusong Heyday
101 China Wang Pengfei There and Back (III)
102 China Wang Chao Oceangoing Voyage
103 China Wang Fen A Letter of Remembrance of Yesterday
104 China Wang Guanyu Harvest Day
105 China Wang Shaohui Builder · Attachment to Lingdingyang 
106 China Wang Wei The Old Garden Dyed by Autumn
107 China Wang Yanni To Elderly With Love
108 China Wang Yingliang Once Upon a Time in a Small Town
109 China Xi Xinzhi Plateau Hymn
110 China Xu Shuxing Happy Spring around the Hall VIII: Chinese Red Series
111 China Yan Ziyu Youthful Times: Initial Dream 3
112 China Yang Fanyi Golden Years: Blooming
113 China Yang Fuxu Dunhuang Festival
114 China Yang Huanguo Love Stays in Years of Grey Hair
115 China Ye Dingying Dream Travels (V)
116 China Ye Huiling Travel · Dream No. 6
117 China You Wenya This Era is Full of Vigor and Vitality
118 China You Xianglong The Sound of Lusheng Goes on (II)
119 China Yu Changnong Foundation
120 China Yuan Jianing The Happy Life of Laoshan People
121 China Yue Xuequan In and out of the Window
122 China Zhang Boying Afternoon Time • The Old Teahouse (XI)
123 China Zhang Chuang & Huang zhou African Africa
124 China Zhang Heng Gahaile Sumu During a Festival
125 China Zhang Jinlong Turnaround
126 China Zhang Peisen Singing in the Snow (2)
127 China Zhang Tao Woodland
128 China Zhang Zhengchang The Spinning Wheel Rings in the Woods
129 China Zhao Guo'an Sea Building 3
130 China Zhou Wenjiao Homeland
131 China Zhou Zhiyu Craftsmanship
132 China Zhu Qingdong & Chen Hong Summer Night Lights


Selection Result of Hong Kong SAR, Macao SAR, Taiwan of China

No. Region Author name Title of work
1 Hong Kong SAR Cen Peichang Dream Building
2 Hong Kong SAR Li Guangyan Setting Sun at Zhelang Corner
3 Hong Kong SAR Xu Ke One Day in the South
4 Macao SAR Li Huihua A Small Boat Pulled in to Shore
5 Macao SAR Liang Jiajie Longing for Return
6 Taiwan of China Gong Mingli Dancing Tigers Symbolising Prosperity
7 Taiwan of China Liang Shiwei Sculpture: Wire Sawing Machine


The Selection Result of International Works

No. Country Author name Title of work
1 Argentina Sofia Roncayoli Lombardi Agua
2 Australia Nasser Palangi Pattern of Unity
3 Australia Faridth Zariv Moving Forward with Harmony No.1
4 Bangladesh Nargis Poly (SK. Nargis Parvin Poly) Every Soul Matters
5 Belarus Darya Sumarava-Kopach Self-portrait with Mother
6 Brazil Sandra Lima e Silva The Origin
7 Canada 热西丹 Four old men
8 Canada Charles Choi Seize the Moment
9 Colombia Rodrigo Piedrahita City
10 Cyprus George Gavriel Farmers
11 Cyprus Anna Vasileiou We Are All Connected
12 Denmark Shefali Ranthe Together We Can Do It
13 Dominica Anfaal Abdo Saeed Al-Mughalles Global Development with a Touch
14 Ecuador Freddy Coello The Gap
15 Egypt Alaa Sayed Stuntman
16 France  Lucie Zhu Yan Unrestrained Youth
17 Hungary Szentgyörgyi Erika Global Village
18 Indonesia Surya Darma The Way to Connect
19 Iran Marzieh Sadat Goiestaneh Family Nostalgia
20 Iran Niloofar Mohamadi There Was Someone Who Isn'I Any More
21 Iran Ladan Moayedi Unlimited
22 Italy Antonio Mele Work in the Beach
23 Italy Constantin Migliorini Jump to the Future
24 Japan Shen Linzhao Spring
25 Luxembourg Sun Tingjun Song of the Sea
26 Malaysia A.Cally We Speak, We Speak For All
27 Malaysia Kow Lai Yan Together We Can
28 Malaysia Kow Lai Yan Hot Pot of the World
29 Mauritius Asvind Dookhorun Shining Tomorrow
30 Mexico Andrea Alonso Interconnected Towns
31 Mexico Martha R. Sotres Together we Transform an Ideal World
32 Netherlands Naima Karim Moonlight on the Lake
33 Netherlands Koert van den Beukel Knuffel
34 Pakistan Sanya Arif Growing and Working Together Leads to Success
35 Panama Sally Huang Wong Flower Language NO1
36 Peru Josè Luis Arbulù Rodriguez Catafracto
37 Peru Julio Gómez Constructive Waves
38 Philippines  Teody Boylie "Bong" Perez Life Goes On
39 Romania Diana-Eliza Roman The Tree of Life
40 Russia Margarita Baranova Snow White's Dream
41 Russia Andrew Dmitrenko "Operngasse"
42 Russia Kovalenko Alevtina The One Who Knows
43 Serbia Branko Ticić Mohorović We Are Ready
44 Serbia Branislava Nikolic The Lady Oneness
45 Serbia Milica Spirovski Climbers
46 Singapore He Peixuan Rest at Sunset
47 Singapore He Peixuan Forward · Static
48 Singapore HUANG LI XIAN Dialogue II
49 Slovakia Alexander Jazykov Eternal Meanings
50 South Korea SUNHEE KIM The Living Room#0A
51 Syria Besher Koushaji Flower
52 Ukraine Aleksandr Kryushyn Morning on the Shore
53 United Kingdom Fiona Stanbury Connections
54 United Kingdom Rebecca Vincenzi Lunch at Chartiers
55 United States Richard Feinman Tree of Light
56 United States Dawei Jia Hometown Night
57 Uruguay Mauricio Paz Viola Sunrise in Songzhuang
58 Vietnam Nguyen Minh Tan Golden Dream
59 Vietnam Lê Thanh Bình Ecosystem
60 Vietnam NGUYEN THAI THANG Identification Code


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